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Expert Guidance . Professional Service


We deliver prompt and efficient support with sensible solutions. Our support options are designed to protect your investment, limit risks, and improve your building’s performance. We offer the following Support options:



Decide to reduce energy consumption. Research has shown that most U.S. facilities can cut energy costs up to 25% annually. T.E.A.M. has a sustainable and responsible approach to optimizing how buildings operate. Implementation of our proven optimization strategies is the responsible approach. Together, we will:


  • Analyze Operations & Identify Issues

  • Define Baselines & Resolve Problems

  • Plan & Execute

  • Educate & Monitor​ 


Reduce your risk. Protect your investment

Our EAS Agreement has the essential benefits required to maintain optimum performance of your Building Management System. Benefits include: 

  • Agreed Upon Response Time

  • Bi-Annual Inspections

  • Discounted Parts & Labor

  • Emergency Response Plan

  • Online Support

  • Software Subscription & Firmware Updates

  • System Backups

  • Training

Your Building Management System collects significant amounts of data on a daily basis. Our supervisory analytics software can gather and organize this data, to create relevant information to support your operating objectives and take control of your building. Analytics will:

  • Improve Energy Efficiency

  • Improve Capital Equipment Longevity

  • Highlight Anomalies and Identify System Inefficiencies

  • Guide and Direct Maintenance and Operational Priorities

  • Perform Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics

  • Provide Dashboards for Facility, Energy, and Executive Managers

  • Real-time KPIs

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